2019 Round Up

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August 5, 2019 by thesummeracademy

The Summer Academy 2019 has drawn to a close, and what a very busy three weeks we have had!

Our academic courses this year have been taught by Fran, Belinda and Cameron.

Week 1 kicked off with our Leadership and Enterprise sessions. Students learnt how to develop, plan and pitch their own business ideas having looked at and learnt from successful entrepreneurs from around the world.

In week 2, our lessons focussed on the study of story: how we tell a story, what makes it work, the characters, setting and structure.  This all built towards each student creating their own story on the final day of that week.

Week 3 was all about science.  Our groups learnt about famous scientists and tried their hands at a number of challenging experiments, inducing building a tower structure out of marshmallows and spaghetti that then was able to the support the weight of an egg.

Our English Language classes this year were taught by Freddie and Charlotte.  Students looks at British culture, art, music and the royal family as a way of developing and extending their language skills alongside giving them the context of the UK.

All of our students came together to attend public speaking workshops on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the course, led by our wonderful drama expert Nigel Ramage.  He worked with our students on how to present there ideas, their diction, vocal range and body language and we were enormously impressed by the bravery and skill of your children in displaying their oratory skills in front of all the staff and students in their final presentations.

Our afternoons were filled with activity with a huge range of sessions led by Tom, Charlie and Nick and ably assisted by Noah, Maggie, Immy, Ethan and Ollie. They swam in the beautiful Cheam pool, did treasure hunts around the grounds, nature trails, we had forest school where they all built a camp and we had visiting film makers, scientists and escape room artists all running additional workshops as well.

Each Wednesday we went out for full day excursions and we visited beautiful Longleat House, Windsor Castle and Oxford.  Each provided our students with a different insight into the UK, from the history of a stately home to the pomp and ceremony of Windsor Castle to the academic tradition of Oxford.

It has been a wonderfully busy 3 weeks and we hope that your children have enjoyed it as much as we’ve enjoyed getting to know them.IMG_1990

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