Sublime Science

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July 30, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Reporters- Christian, William, Maxwell, Ferdinand, Marilyn, Yiling, Joshua, Luca, Isabella, Daglah, Terry

We’ve come into our final week at The Summer Academy and have began studying our final academic theme of the week: Science.

After breakfast we went into class and were introduced to this new theme by studying 20 of the most famous scientists, learning about different food types and even conducting some small experiments, which Marilyn, Daglah and Isabella all really enjoyed.

After a lunch of sweet and sour pork we dashed to our afternoon activity- a session with ‘Sublime Science’, where we were to be shown loads of cool scientific experiments.

First off we were shown some amazing scientific magic tricks, which left us baffled- Maxwell found the vanishing water trick especially hard to get his head around. Then the scientist explained to us about polymers and showed us that you can cut through a polystyrene cup just by dropping a special liquid on it! IMG_9637.JPG

Then we were given a display of physics tricks, such as floating a beach ball on a stream of air and shooting smoke rings across our whole classroom with an air cannon, which was a highlight for Isabella. Josh thinks the bubbles filled with smoke were “amazing”!

Afterwards came the opportunity to conduct some scientific experiments of our own, such as creating our own fake snow, making a lemonade fountain using mentos, and then using that same bottle to create a bottle rocket, which flew really really high into the air. Ferdi found the water tornado race “really cool”.

Then came Terry’s favourite part of our afternoon with ‘Sublime Science’: the chance to create some of our own “super-stretchy” slime as described by Luca and to finish off, we made some “delicious sherbet, using citric acid, bicarbonate of soda and icing sugar.”

Since then we’ve enjoyed eating our home-made sherbet and playing around with our “super stretchy” slime. It’s safe to say that we all learned something new about science and how cool it can be!67515745_1083182185219269_5146670666690330624_n.jpg67594427_2442209629345018_3340907948338577408_n.jpg68594817_602188693639952_4815081015137533952_n.jpg67828202_593950797797326_4527322660186619904_n.jpg

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