Problem Solving

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July 29, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Reporters: Teejay, Riku, Richard, Michael, Daglah, Helen, Martina, Marilyn


On Saturday we were lucky enough to have an ‘Escape Room’ company come in and run some puzzling activities with us in the sports hall. These various activities would test our problem-solving abilities as well as our team-skills and ended up being hugely entertaining!

In the morning the junior and seniors split up into two groups, with the seniors creating posters based around our experiences at The Summer Academy, with some wonderful sketches of the nature trail as well as the multiple sporting activities that we’ve taken part in over the past weeks. Meanwhile, the juniors took part in the first session of the escape room activities, where they had to work as a team to solve various puzzles, such as ‘The Towers of Hanoi’, which Michael and Lase found very challenging, but eventually conquered once they had figured out a formula to complete the puzzle. Once that session was over, the groups switched around and the juniors did art and the seniors went into the sports hall.

After a delicious lunch we resumed our Escape Room activities, only this alternating with some competitive games of rounders and hoop-ball, ran by Charlie, Max and Noah.

The afternoon’s puzzle was Jacob’s highlight of the day, remarking that “[he wishes he] could do it all over again!”. The activities were indeed very exciting- we were faced with the challenge of getting to the centre of a locked box through completing various logical puzzles that when solved, would give us the combinations to unlock the next padlock and eventually complete the challenge. This challenge really showcased our ability to cooperate and work effectively as a team!

After our action-packed day we spent the evening enjoying a barbecue outside and then went up to Mountbatten (the common room) to watch a movie.


The pinnacle of many of our young sporting careers, ‘The Summer Academy Olympics’ was held on Sunday and gave opportunity for us to showcase not only our sporting prowess but also our team spirit!

First we were split into five groups and had to decorate a team mask- Maxx decorated his with olympic rings and glasses. Then we went outside to play some football, and Rinn was “really happy” that his team won.

After that, we played some dodgeball and ‘Langley ball’, which was Maxx’s favourite game. 

The results were in. Team 1 came in at first place and received some sweets as a prize.

After an exhausting day and a delicious supper of Chinese chicken, we went to bed early so that we would be refreshed for the scientific activities on Monday.67277233_891239147918866_5109114145509212160_n.jpg67602720_2478990932320947_909495819265114112_n.jpg



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