Christmas Comes Early to Cheam

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July 26, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Reporters: Terry, Raif, Jaden, Lase, Katie, Ross, Andy, Danny, James

This morning we started off by continuing to write our short stories in our English lessons. Lase told the group ‘My story was about a robbery at a bank in gothomatropolis’ In addition to this we read Roald Dahl’s book ‘Lamb to the slaughter’ taking it in turns to read out loud to each other. ‘It’s a great novel!’ said James.

For lunch we enjoyed fish, chips and peas, with the ‘best jelly ever!’ mentioned Lase. Post lunch we headed to the sports hall with Charlie and played indoor football, a common favourite! James mentioned ‘I really enjoyed the football and I was happy because my team won!’ We then embarked on a fascinating session with Nick into the world of History of Art and learnt about Portraiture. Going right back to the death mask and back to modern propaganda and even the selfie!

It wasn’t long until we all found ourselves with sticky fingers and jam smeared across our faces from eating the yummy doughnuts given to us by the cooks.

After our break we were given the choice of swimming, tennis and even golf! Max, an old Cheamite who has joined us for a couple of days, led the golf session and took a few boys round the course and gave us tips on the game.

Christmas came early today here at Cheam, as we all indulged in a delicious roast Christmas turkey with all the trimmings, including, crackers, Christmas pudding and carols. Maxwell confessed ‘I had 10 slices of turkey’ and many of us tried Christmas pudding for the first time.

Were off to play in Cheam tops now, see you later!





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