Movie Making and Circus Skills

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July 23, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Reporters: Yiling, Jowan, Christian, Lydia, Chloe, Lola, William, Jacob



We began Monday by learning about storytelling- the new theme of the week.

In the morning we had lessons all themed around creating our own stories from visual stimuli and learned about what it means to tell a good story, with our teacher telling us a really interesting one about a prince.

We then played a game where everyone had to write a certain section of a story but we weren’t allowed to see what any other person had written, which resulted in “really funny” story according to Christian.

After lunch we spent the afternoon playing football and indoor hockey. The weather was very warm so we were very grateful to spend the rest of the afternoon swimming in the pool. Jowan reported that he “loved playing water polo with Maxwell”.

We finished the evening watching the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ in preparation for the filmmaking activity on Tuesday, which was a relaxing way to end an otherwise very active day.


On Tuesday we continued our discussion around stories in more depth, with Lola taking particular interest in the aspect of characterisation. Jacob also enjoyed learning about London’s most popular attractions such as Windsor Castle, where we are due to visit tomorrow.

This afternoon was very exciting as we were lucky enough to have a film crew visit us here at the Summer Academy to make a version of the film we watched last night.

‘The Greatest Showman’ is a film based on the events of the circus owner P.T. Barnum and therefore our filmmaking experience was based heavily around doing circus activities, such as juggling or walking on stilts, which William said he found “hard at first” but eventually enjoyed. The film will be available to watch in the third week of The Summer Academy.

After another very sunny day, we were given the option to play football, spend some more time in the pool, or even play some golf on the course at Cheam School! 


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