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July 22, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Student reporters: Maxwell, Ethan, Daglah, Clara, William, Marilyn, Joshua, Terry

The weekend started on Saturday with rounders and basketball. Many of us had never played rounders before but we quickly got the hang of it and had lots of fun learning the rules of the game. Later, we headed up into the art room and created our own posters bursting with colours and images which promote The Summer Academy. These are going to be judged and prizes will be announced soon! In the afternoon, the sun begun to shine again and we embarked on Nick’s nature trail. We had a checklist of birds which we had to try and find, as well as collecting samples. The winning team was Captain Clara with gapper Immy. Clara mentioned ‘I found it inspiring to learn about all the different species of birds that lived in our surrounding environment.’ Lam even saw a dear running through the forest! After we made dens in the woods and roasted marshmallows over a great campfire made by Charlie. According the Terry the marshmallows were ‘yummy!’ Our Saturday ended with a delicious BBQ outside in the garden where Maxwell managed to polish off 9 sausages! We all then piled into Mount Batten for a movie – The Parent Trap with scrumptious popcorn.

Our Sunday commenced with a well-deserved lie in to recharge all of our batteries, followed by a yummy cooked breakfast. We had the choice of playing tennis or Zombie tag in the forest, which was awesome and Ethan mentioned ‘I feel my tennis is improving every time I play.’ For lunch we all indulged in a traditional roast chicken with all the trimmings, which fuelled our minds for our creative art session where we designed and wrote postcards. Hopefully we’ll get them in the post and you’ll have them soon! Sadly we said goodbye to one of our gappers, Ethan, and a handful of pupils, who we will all miss very much. However we have excitingly welcomed more students this afternoon and we are all busy getting to know one another. We wonder what supper will be tonight? Hopefully something yummy 🙂




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