Public Speaking Day

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July 21, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Student reporters: Richard, Ivan, Dasha, Theo, Raif, Aaron, Chloe, Andy, Danny, Lam

We’ve enjoyed yet another fun-fuelled day at Cheam with the Summer Academy. Today, all of the skills learned and practiced in our lessons with Freddie, Fran and Belinda came together in our business and personal pitches. We had an external company run by Nigel Ramage who came into Cheam School to help boost our public speaking skills. As the weather wasn’t the best it has been, in the afternoon a series of activities wore everyone out to the brink of exhaustion, before we refuelled on a traditional English meal of fish and chips.

Today was the first day an external company came in to run our morning sessions. This morning Mr. Ramage taught us all about the art of public speaking or ‘rhetoric.’ Students noted how energetic and enthusiastically he taught the skills needed to present the business ideas we have been developing over the past week: “The teacher is very funny and teaches interesting subjects.” – Ivan. Those in the EAL group got the opportunity to present a little bit about themselves, where they come from, their hobbies, and so on. We concluded all of our work consisting of iMovies, posters and mind-maps to convey our business proposals to the rest of the group, the atmosphere could be likened to The Summer Academy’s own version of The Apprentice!

In the afternoon things became really active. As the weather was poor the Sports’ Hall was our place of action. Run by Mr. Langley and the activity leaders, we began our afternoon session with a short-lived but intense game of 4-corners. By popular demand, dodgeball was the next game of choice, with all of us split into either the green or orange team, and the Sports’ Hall livened up instantly. Both teams relied heavily on their pick of either Noah or Ethan who got properly stuck into the game, more so than some of us! Everyone’s competitive nature sprang into action, and it is safe to say that not one person was free of sweat after a few rounds… After this, we switched things up and all joined in with Mr. Langely’s take on “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” A much-needed break of juice and biscuits calmed everyone for Social ‘anti-social’ time, as it has come to be known, where everyone gets an hour with their gadgets, which Richard feels, “Needs to be longer.”

After social time we all sat down together to enjoy our meal of traditional fish and chips which went down a hit with everyone. Many trips were made to and fro from the dining area back to the kitchen for a second and in some cases third portion. This evening, after a tiring day we were given a choice between football and a movie upstairs. Unsurprisingly football has taken the majority, yet those who wish to are together upstairs relaxing.

“I like the games here because they involve a lot of teamwork, so we have to spend time together and rely on one another.” – Chloe

“I think that the activities today were great. It was a new experience in lessons as someone else from outside came in and the food was also so good.” – Raif

“Today the games were very fun. I loved playing dodgeball as I can catch well.” – Andy


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