Teamwork and Communication

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July 18, 2019 by thesummeracademy

Our student reporters: Elsa, Ross, Atharv, Jacob, Yiling, Denis, Clara, Daglah

Morning lessons

Yiling: “In class we made adverts for what we are selling. My business is slime and we made a stop-motion film advert in the grounds and classroom.”

Elsa: “We continued with our business development. Our business is a shop called the ‘Big Cheap’ where we sell stationery. We filmed a short movie outside to sell our idea. I was behind the scenes whilst my team acting buying bookmarks.”

Daglah: “In the English language class we learned about England and the the four countries that make up the UK. We looked at maps.”

Clara: “We designed our own flags for imaginary countries and designed the rules for our countries. My country was Musical Land and was full of music with instruments on a rainbow for the flag. There is no speaking when listening to music there!”

Daglah: “My made up country was called Philinea. There are no cars and no work as elves do all the work. It is a magic country in space. Come and visit!”

All: “Pizza for lunch! We love pizza!!!”

Afternoon activities 

Ross: “I was in the group that went to the forest first. There were three challenges. The first challenge in a group of six was to hold a stick with your index fingers and try and move it down. Our groups couldn’t do it – it was so hard when people went faster than others! It only works with teamwork! We also had to climb a wall as a team with nothing to hold on to. It was pretty funny as Maxwell was the same height as the wall, but was afraid of heights when he was on it!

Atharv: “We had four pieces of wood and we had to go across to the other side using the wood without falling down. As everyone gets across you pick up and move the last bit of wood to travel. My group did well!”

Denis: “The third challenge was a net of strings and we had to pass through them without touching the strings. It was like a spiderweb. You need your other teammates to grab you and put you through the hole. The person going through the hole had to stay rigid. My group did it!”

Jacob: “We also played tennis this afternoon. My favourite thing was playing games and I liked when we used 5 tyres on chains which we used to jump from one to the other.”

As a group we decided that today had been all about teamwork, communication and cooperation to make each challenge work.

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