Public Speaking

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August 4, 2018 by thesummeracademy

We culminated our week of storytelling with a dramatic performance. Reporters: Vlad, Jay, Zack, Ashlin, Ruby, Julia

This morning, we were lucky to have the return of the great Mr. Ramage for our public speaking day! After a variety of vocal and drama exercises, everyone was warmed up for the theatrical performance in the afternoon. The concept of storytelling, which we have been exploring this week, was applied to the spoken word. The final performances were so impressive. We finished the day with a summer evening dinner party in the school gardens.

“Today I am very sad because tomorrow I need to go back home but I am also happy because I found my phone! We also had a speaking test and performed a play, I played a king in it which made me happy.” (Jay)

“This morning we practiced our public speaking. After we performed a show to the teachers in the afternoon. I think they enjoyed it because they were smiling. I am sad because Annie left today and she was my friend. For lunch we had fish and chips and later we will have a party.” (Ashlin)

“The best part of today was doing the play with Teacher Mr Ramage! It was very fun and I was an important part, a ghost. We also ate chocolate ice cream which was very yummy.” (Julia)

“This morning, we did public speaking. We all then needed to write and ending of a story together. The teacher liked my ending about the monster turning into a unicorn and wrote it on the board to add to our play. There were a lot of parts including: the ghosts, the magical book and a star. I am excited about today’s party and hope I’m going to have a fantastic time there.” (Zack)

“I woke up and packed my clothes. Then we had a speaking test with Mr Ramage. I was with Oliver’s group for a play and I was a King. The story was called ‘A Monster’. So after lunch we did the performance, then ate ice cream. I am also excited for the party later. (Vlad)


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