Storytelling and Water Balloons

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August 3, 2018 by thesummeracademy

As told by our student reporters Ryan, Sol, Lucas, Juliette, Cici

In lessons today, the storytelling theme culminated with book write ups showcasing impressive development of structure, style and language use. With a scorching day ahead of them the children finished their morning lessons, filled up their water bottles and headed out. The first activity of the afternoon was the deciding game of dodgeball that would declare The Summer Academy winners. Afterwards the kids headed back in for a much-needed break and milkshake which then set off the next and final activity… capture the flag! (water balloon edition).

“After my lessons, we had lunch and got ready for our last dodgeball game. I was very excited but also nervous. In the end my team won! It’s really fun. We also watched a movie before bed about birds. It was very funny!” (Cici)

“My favourite part of the day was the water balloon capture the flag because it was so refreshing when someone chucked it at me. I’m really happy because I scored a flag for my team. I also really enjoyed movie, The Big Year. It was hilarious! (Lucas)

“After lessons, we played the finals of dodgeball (there were two teams) and the other team won but I still had fun. We all went in to get a drink of juice and then we had a water balloon fight, it was so cool! In the night we finished a movie.” (Sol)

“Today we settled the dodgeball championships. My team won 3 games and the other won 2 so we were winners! Afterwards we played capture the flag water balloons and my team also won so I was really happy! We watched a really interesting and funny movie about these people finding birds to get a world record.” (Ryan)

“Today was really fun because I got to do my favourite thing – a water balloon fight! I managed to hit two of the teachers. I laughed a lot. In the evening I got to watch a movie called The Big Year. I didn’t really understand it but was nice to spend time with everyone.” (Juliette)



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