Windsor Excursion

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August 2, 2018 by thesummeracademy

Today we had a big excursion out to Windsor to witness the changing of the guards and explore the castle. Reporters: Ashlin, Zack, Lucas, Zander, Tristan, Ryan, Vlad

With the marching soldiers came a band playing and the kids admired their impressive weapons the soldiers were holding. All very exciting! After an intriguing tour of the Castle itself the children set off to Jump In, a trampoline park where they were given an freedom to play around with all their friends.

“This morning we visited Windsor Castle, which is apparently where the Queen lives! We explored some of the rooms inside it. We couldn’t go around it all because it was massive. Beforehand we were able to spend some money. I bought postcards to show my parents. After that, we went to the trampoline park. I bounced up and down nonstop for an hour. I had such a great time.” Tristan

“Today we went to Windsor Castle and took a tour around it. It took quite long as the Castle was so big. The guide was really interesting, and we saw some awesome old paintings and shields. Going to the trampoline park was superb because I had fun jumping and playing dodgeball.” Lucas


“Today I went to Windsor Castle with my friends and looked at parts of it that had loads of cool stuff. We got to buy loads of stuff on the high street. Me and my friends went to an old sweet shop. After Windsor, we went to Jump In where we played a lot. I did the airbag and the slides.” Ryan

“I loved going to Windsor because it meant we could go shopping! Instead of having a packed lunch for the day I bought myself some sushi to sit in the park and eat. At shopping I also got myself a fidget spinner cube. During the tour of the castle we had an mp3 player guide talking to us which was pretty fun for a walking tour.” Ashlin

“Earlier today, me and my friends went shopping in Windsor where I bought a lot of things. Then I went for lunch and ate sushi that I bought from a restaurant. Afterwards I went inside the Queen’s castle which was very beautiful.” Vlad

“For our excursion today, I got to go in Jim’s car, instead of the minibus, on our way to Windsor. We went shopping and I got a cold drink from Starbucks because it was so hot and sunny. We also did a tour of Windsor Castle, which was really interesting as we learnt about a lot of things. Later we went to Jump In where I almost jumped as high as a dolphin!” Zack


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