Treasure Hunt

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August 1, 2018 by thesummeracademy

An outdoorsy day as we had a scavenger treasure hunt, gathered around a campfire and made a den. As reported by By Annie, Cici, Lucas, Ryan, Sol, Jay, Juliette, Zander

Tuesday dawned at The Summer Academy. Getting quickly into the routine, after breakfast everyone headed off to lessons where they would be taught the language of storytelling – particular emphasis being given to how essential the five senses are when writing. Here are some highlights of the day:

“Today me and my friend did a scavenger hunt – I solved all the puzzles! Tonight, we are also going to make a camp fire which is really exciting.” (Zander)

“This morning I woke up, and after breakfast, had my first lessons. We got to play in the forest and help our teachers make a shelter which could fit five of us in it!” (Juliette)

“I took part in a treasure hunt today which was really fun! In class we did some story-telling and played a game to find out what adjectives we were going to use.” (Sol)

“We took lots of sticks and branches today and created a shelter. After that we did a treasure hunt and at one point I lost my partner! However, I found him quickly and we were able to finish the hunt.” (Jay)

“After I woke up I read some magazines for a bit before breakfast. We made a shelter later with sticks and I helped by only bringing the heaviest and best sticks out of everyone!” (Vlad)

“While yesterday we did a lot of different sports, today we had to use our brains a lot more! There was a treasure hunt and we had to solve a riddle and then unscramble all the letters we had found to make the password!” (Cici)

“My favourite part about today was building the den. I also enjoyed eating ribs for dinner though – they were delicious! I took part in a really challenging treasure hunt, but I was still able to finish it.” (Lucas)

“In the morning there was a class on storytelling where our teacher told us the most important parts about being able to write well.” (Ryan)

“Earlier today, I was subject to numerous activities including lessons in the morning where we studied how to plan a story. I believe my exposure to this learning has vastly improved my ability to begin writing a story.” (Annie)

After lunch everyone got to enjoy some slightly different activities including a challenging treasure hunt in which every group needed to find particular hidden letters which would allow them to find the final password – congratulations to our winners Annie and Sol! Before that though, there was a lesson in shelter building, where the children had to design a liveable space, just by using items from the woods. In the evening the group helped build a campfire where they learnt that tomorrow they would be off to Windsor Castle!

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