Storytelling and Chocolate Making

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July 31, 2018 by thesummeracademy

A new week at The Summer Academy as reported by Julia, Ruby, Jay, Ashlin, Tristan, Zack, Caitlyn

As a new week of The Summer Academy in Sunningdale commenced the first course of the day was story writing. After a few hours of digging deep into their creative minds the children had a lovely roast beef lunch to prep themselves for a big day of competitive sport and a fun activity.

“This morning, we had a lesson about story writing. I wrote about a boy having a bad dream. In the afternoon, we played handball, hockey, football, and dodgeball. I loved football because I scored two goals. It was very exciting. We tied 2-2 so we will have a rematch later.” Tristan


“Today we played lots of sports. My team won dodgeball and handball but lost hockey and football but it was super fun. Before dinner we made chocolates and it was so worth it.” Ashlin

“The highlight of the day was learning the importance of planning a story. The lesson was quite unusual; starting off had to whatever words came into our heads non-stop, the first word having to be ‘glass’. I really enjoyed hand ball because I had never played it before and it was a very fun game.  We also filled in chocolate shells using melted chocolate. I also managed to meet a dog who was very cute and friendly.” Caitlyn

“Today we learnt a lot of things. We also played so many sports like handball, football and hockey. I wasn’t very good at handball but I was good at football and my team won. We made chocolates in the afternoon before dinner but I haven’t yet tasted them” Jay

“I played a lot of sport today but my favourite was hockey as it was so fun and I am good at it. After dodgeball we went to the dining room to make chocolate and I can’t wait to try it later. For dinner we had chicken and chips and dessert was fresh peaches, so yum!” Julia

“After breakfast we went to the classroom for lessons. We learnt about structure and how a plan is important for a story. My teacher told me that my imagination was extraordinary. After lunch I managed to carry my team in handball and dodgeball which made the teams tied. The chocolate making was kind of a disaster because I accidentally tipped four chocolate balls over! Otherwise it went pretty well. I am excited to eat them and I hope they’re delicious.” Zack

“Today in lessons we wrote stories. In the afternoon we played handball, football, dodgeball and hockey. We made chocolate after all this running around which was very nice.” Ruby

The afternoon certainly was an active one which enabled the kids to be running around outside and enjoying the first cloudy day in months! The kids were split into two teams and battled each other in four different sports: handball; hockey; football; and dodgeball. Each team won two of the sports so a decider game of dodgeball will determine the winners. Although it is the first day together the kids are already acting as if they’ve known each other for weeks and it is great to see everyone fitting into our community. 

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