Drama and Voice Day

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July 28, 2018 by thesummeracademy

Public speaking skills were practiced through voice, expression and gestures. Today’s reporting by Ashlin, Freddie, Katie, Sol, Julia

This morning the children split up into two larger groups as part of their Public Speaking extravaganza! They were to put on three plays which linked a variety of public speaking techniques. Our drama instructor, Mr Ramage, was great fun and he really got the best out of all the pupils. There were lots of laughs and much fun was had by all. The standard of public speaking and acting was first class and all the students did brilliantly.

The first play was called: ‘The Mad Inventor’ where a number of animals escaped but needed to be recaptured. On the recovery mission some were recaptured but some had to be put down as they were deemed too dangerous!


“It was actually pretty fun doing all the different exercises and it was fun to work as part of a team and put on a big show.” Ashlin

Another play was called the ‘The New King’s Future’

In this play a messenger was sent by the King to see the potion-masters so he could look into the future of his son. The King sees a vision of his son’s death which makes him very sad. The King then decided to make peace with the monsters.



“The teamwork was really amazing and it allowed us to put together a really fun play. It was an emotional rollercoaster at times but so exciting. Mr Ramage was very nice and he was really funny and kind.” Freddie

In the evening we had the Summer Disco which was epic! We all got dressed up and went to the Army Shed which had been turned into a huge party room. Seth and Mitch played some great music and we all danced the night away. It was a great way to end the second week!

“I loved the disco, it was so much fun and the music was so cool.” Sol


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