A Day of Monsters and Creativity

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July 27, 2018 by thesummeracademy

A monstrous at The Summer Academy by our student reporters: Lola, Martina, Justin, Cyrus, Martin, Rai, Daniel, Aden, Oliver and Ruby

It was back to routine at the Summer Academy after the trip out yesterday. Everyone was thankful that, while waking up still a little tired, we could count on some fantastic breakfast from our chefs. After that lessons loomed and aptly one class was thrilled with the story of Victor Frankenstein. 

“Today we got to improve our art which was really fun! We also got to make a t-shirt with our friends and we thought it looked really good.” (Lola & Martina)

“In the morning we learned about Frankenstein’s life where he created a murderous monster! The monster chased him and his family around the whole earth! Afterwards I played some ultimate dodgeball and got lots of people out.” (Justin)

“In lessons we learned about Frankenstein and I thought he was more evil than the monster he created. The day was going well until it came to dodgeball – then it became great! We played five matches and only lost two.” (Oliver)

“After lunch we got two design our own t-shirts, I made mine really colourful and got all my friends and the teachers to sign it! After that we played some dodgeball and got to go back onto the water slide.” (Martin)

“My favourite part about today was in class where we got to create our own monster – I think mine was the scariest! We also learnt about Frankenstein which was really interesting.” (Daniel)

“My class were taught about Frankenstein today and made a monster. After a good break we I got to try some more art and I painted a few things. I can’t wait for tomorrow!” (Aden)

“Breakfast this morning was very yummy – I enjoyed it a lot. I think my best part about the day though was the dodgeball after lunch. My team won most games and I even got to hit the teachers!” (Rai)


“Today I stuck loads of different body parts together to make a scary monster! Afterwards I got to play dodgeball and then use the water slide to cool off – it was really fun going fast down the slide!” (Cyrus)

“I had a lot of fun in class when we got to make a monster and learn about Frankenstein. Probably my best part though was when we got to make a t-shirt, mine was really pretty!” (Ruby)

It was a nice change of pace after lunch as the kids got a chance to show off their artistic talents. All of them had to first design a t-shirt on paper, based on anything in their imagination, then draw it onto the t-shirt itself. There was a load of creative ideas, ranging from national team sports shirts to crazy aliens but everyone seemed to be having a great time. Afterwards there was an opportunity to blow off some steam with some more dodgeball, a favourite of mostly everyone now, and as usual there was a healthy competitive edge to proceedings! Finally, due to heavy persuasion, the water slide was brought out again and cooled everyone down.


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