Oxford Daytrip

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July 26, 2018 by thesummeracademy

We embarked on a city-wide treasure hunt around Oxford. Here reported by Time, Terry, Christine, Harris, Annabel, Marc, Hinston and Sol

With an early rise at 6:45am, the children yawned themselves onto the bus. Droopy eyes suddenly turned wide as we neared the wonderful city of Oxford, home to some marvellous minds. The children’s minds were tested as they were given a quest with many riddles to put solve and work their way around the city and find the certain the treasures that were hidden! 


“Today, in the morning, Susan woke us up early because we were going on a trip to Oxford! I was very excited to go to Oxford because we did a quest where we went all around the city. It was very fun doing the quest and was very hot so I was able to get an ice cream. After the quest I bought my mum a present. I also bought a chocolate iPhone and a coke for myself! I was also very happy to see all the Harry Potter books in a shop window” Annabel

“We went to Oxford in the morning and got to visit a lot of famous places. In the afternoon we were given a clue for the quest that we did using a map of the city. After the quest we went to the covered market to shop. I bought a military car toy to play with and I am very excited to use it.” Terry

“I went to Oxford today. We got put into different groups and mine were the dragons! I saw where people used to be burnt as witches in Oxford a long time ago. I saw where some of Harry Potter was filmed too. After seeing the library, we were able to go buy something from the covered market.” Time

“Today we went on a tour around Oxford and the University that was there. We also went to the place where they wrote the book Narnia, a part of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland. We did a treasure hunt and afterwards went shopping where I bought a squishy toy for my mum.” Sol

“Oh yes! Today we got on the bus again, and every time we get on the bus there must be something exciting. The trip was very long to Oxford. We stopped on the way to Oxford and the site was phenomenal. There were fishes and very clean buildings. When we arrived in Oxford we walked through a college and its dining room. And then, we played a game (very hard) and we won! Finally, we went shopping in the covered market and came back to our school and later we’ll have a special activity.” Marc

“Today I went to Oxford for a tour and a treasure hunt. In the treasure hunt we had to find different places around the city and my team won by getting the most stars! When we went shopping I bought 3 German war airplanes. Earlier in the day we went to a college that looked like Harry Potter’s school.” Hinston

“We went to Oxford today. We had a tour guide. She was leading and telling us about Oxford. We visited a a few colleges and famous places in Oxford. We did a quest and we had many different challenges, it was fun! At last, we went shopping at the covered market. I learned a lot about Oxford and I hope I go again very soon!” Christine

“Today in Oxford we saw the place where they used to burn witches. We did a treasure hunt around the city and were able to go to the market to buy presents. It was an amazing trip as I got to see things to do with Harry Potter” Harris

The children had an amazing tour of Oxford by some very knowledgeable guides and surprise characters such as Mad Eye Moody popping up in their treasure hunt! We were able to go into an Oxford University College to see where they could possibly be living in the future.  Once the quest was completed we ate lunch with the beautiful Christ Church College in sight. We finished the day back at school with a whizz, bubble, skid down the slip and slide.

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