Hottest Day of the Year

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July 25, 2018 by thesummeracademy

The second week at The Summer academy and another scorcher of a day. Here reported by Vladimir, James, Charles, Joshua, Juliette, Shekston, Katie, Brandon and Elena

The morning lessons were their usual mixture of stretching ideas and classroom fun. One group was busy learning history and were helped to make their very own swords while another was creating visionary inventions on how to combat the problem of pollution in our oceans – it seems like we might have the next generation of geniuses right here! While tough to pick out from such an action-packed day, here are the kids highlights:

“Today I tried ‘Danish Longball’ for the first time. It was like a mix between lots of sports! We also got to have a water balloon game later on in the day and I managed to hit loads of people!” Charles


“I woke up really happy today! I got to play lots of sport with my friends. It was really hot this afternoon as well, so it was nice that we got to have a water balloon fight later on in the afternoon, so we could all cool down!” Vladimir

“After I got dressed this morning I had some breakfast which I really liked. We got to play ‘Danish Longball’ after lunch as well and I scored some points – my team won!” Joshua

“In class today, we learnt about food. We now know that in the full English breakfast you have: bread, bacon, baked beans, coffee, mushrooms and hash browns. We also learnt some new words that I didn’t know before.” James


“The lessons today were really fun, but the best part came after lunch when I got to play ‘Danish Longball’, I scored ten points for my team and we won! I’m excited for tomorrow as well because we are going to Oxford.” Brandon

“Today was really fun because we got to do lots of activities. My favourite was the water balloon fight because I hit loads of people – even the teachers!” Juliette

“In my morning lessons I got to make a sword which was really exciting, it was definitely my favourite lesson so far! After that I got to play lots of games including a really fun water balloons game.” Shekston


“We made an invention today, in Mr Tim’s class, to clean our oceans. After that we played ‘Danish Longball’ which is a crazy game as you have to run around quickly and there are lots of people making noise!” Elena

“This morning, in our lessons, we did a presentation on a new invention to help clean up plastic, but my team didn’t win! In the afternoon we played ‘Danish Longball’ – it was loads of fun! It was a very close game. After that we had a massive game of capture the flag but involving water balloons. I had so much fun and my team won!” Katie

Given today was the hottest in England this year (a whopping 33 degrees!) the kids could have been forgiven if they hadn’t been too enthusiastic about spending the afternoon running about, but it was great to see them give all the activities the same energy as always. First up there was a large ‘Danish Longball’ match and, whilst still a new sport to most, the quality of play was impressive resulting in a very close game. After that we reached the highlight of the day, a game of capture the flag, with a twist. With a thousand water balloons filled up the kids had a chance to cool down while having fun as the flag could only be captured if the capturer could evade the barrage of balloons from the other team. Before long everyone was exhausted and happy to come back into the school for a well-earned dinner. Hopefully everyone will be sleeping soundly tonight because tomorrow is another big day, as we are off to Oxford!


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