Forest School

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July 24, 2018 by thesummeracademy

Outdoor pursuits and woodland adventures as reported by Vedant, Rinn, Freddie, Cici, Iona, Julia, Jay

With a week under their belts, the kids knew their Monday would be action packed. After a busy morning of lessons the children filled up their water bottles and set themselves ready for the activities ahead. They headed out into the woodland and started their Forest School! Here is what they had to say:

“We did orienteering today and it was very fun, especially the part was when I found a Viking stick! Some hours later we had hotdogs and toasted marshmallows. Some played football and others just enjoyed their hotdog. For dessert we had ice cream (well, an ice lolly).” Vedant

“Today I had lots of fun. I drew pop art in my lesson, it was so much fun. We ate lunch and then made a den out of sticks and leaves. Afterwards we did a treasure hunt around the fields in the sun which I enjoyed. For dinner we had hotdogs and toasted marshmallows on a fire, it was very delicious.” Julia

“Yesterday we had The Summer Academy Olympics. Today we learnt about King Arthur and made a hut in the forest. I had a hotdog for dinner with Julia.” Cici

“Today we did some orienteering and my team came first! We ran around for ages picking up clues and solving the anagram. Earlier in the day we made a den in the woods. The teachers made a campfire for us and we roasted marshmallows on it. They were so nice and gooey.” Freddie

“We made a shelter out of sticks during the day when it was very sunny and then went inside it. After cooling down and having an ice lolly we did a treasure hunt where my team, team 4, won! After social time we played football and ate hotdogs. My favourite thing today was the treasure hunt because we found lots.” Rinn

“Today we went into the woods and made a tree house out of a lot branches, the teachers helped us a lot. We ate marshmallows and got to roast them on the fire which I like a lot. Earlier in the day I really enjoyed finding treasure.” Jay

“This morning my class painted in the art room. Lola, Martina and I made a Big Ben and a glitter pie which was really nice to do that with my friends. In the afternoon we found branches and leaves from trees, with these we made a very simple house. At night we ate marshmallows. Today was a really happy and fun day.” (Iona).

The enjoyment of the morning lessons was followed by an afternoon of foraging in the woodlands and fields with a various number of activities enabling the kids to be outside and enjoying the weather! Firstly, teamwork was tested as they were all set out to find long sticks for building the den. Another team building exercise that tested everyone’s competitive side was the treasure hunt. The boys and girls were split into groups and were all given clues to a final treasure. It was great fun for the children to be outside in the best weather that Britain has seen. Everyone was treated to hotdogs, soup, flapjacks and marshmallows for dinner which means the children went to bed happy and full!

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