An action-packed weekend!

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July 23, 2018 by thesummeracademy

Some students spent the weekend with relatives and friends in sunny England but for those who stayed with us at Sunningdale we had an action-packed weekend at The Summer Academy. We enjoyed a weekend of fun, games (The Olympic Games no less!), a movie night, some puzzles, Escape Room and much, much more.

On Saturday we were joined by old friends of The Summer Academy: ‘The Escape Room’ who set up a number of brainteasers, quizzes, escape games and other thought-provoking challenges. The children loved the challenges and games and worked hard to ‘break out’ of various scenarios.

“The Escape Room was such fun and we loved it.” Cici

The group who were not involved with the escape room games were introduced to Charlie’s Dingbats and then played ‘Danish Longball’ before swapping over in the afternoon.

“Danish Longball was such a cool game, it was hot out there but we just managed to win!” Marc

In the evening the children finished off Home Alone as part of their movie night and enjoyed some popcorn along the way!

On Sunday the Olympics came to The Summer Academy and what a feast of sport the students were in for. Dodgeball, football, athletics, long jump, handball and many more games were played which the children fought points for. ‘The Famous Five’, ‘The Olympic Smashers’, ‘Olympic France’ were three of the team names (which the children created) along with masks and posters in the Arts and Crafts section in the morning. It was a highly competitive day but one which was enjoyed by all.


“I loved the Olympics and I was so pleased our team won the Gold Medal!” Vee

“The Olympics were awesome!” Vlad



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