The TSA World Cup!

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July 21, 2018 by thesummeracademy

We staged our very own World Cup tournament. Read all about the action from sports reporters Lola, Martina, Justin, Cyrus, Martin, Rai, Daniel, Aden, Oliver and Ruby

Another morning in the Summer Academy and it was great to see the kids still really motivated for their lessons. Like always, there was a wide variety being taught, from the kids themselves giving presentations on cars, to getting taught how to create different type of spells! That was just the beginning of what was to be an action-packed day however, here are some of the kid’s favourite moments:

“Last night I had a good sleep so I was happy in the morning. In our lessons we learnt how to create good characters, by using the ‘Witches’ movie. For dinner we had a really nice BBQ, I had sausages and chicken!” (Martin)

“I had the most fun I have had in days today! We had a massive football tournament in the afternoon and my team came third. There was also an ultra-fun BBQ but we had some problems with bees!” (Oliver)

“In the afternoon we played the junior world cup but sadly we lost because we gave away a penalty in the last minute. My brothers team came second though so I was really happy for him.” (Rai)

“After we got dressed this morning we had a great breakfast before a whole afternoon playing football. My team was really good so we beat most of the other teams. I helped score a goal!” (Daniel)

“In break this morning I got to play on the swings which I enjoy a lot. During social time I got to speak with my mum and dad, also I got to see my little sister! In the afternoon we also had a delicious BBQ as well.” (Martina)

“I was really happy today because I got to play in a big football tournament. I also got to learn about how you make spells in the morning which was interesting.” (Aden)

“Today we played football and I was on the yellow team. When we had our final matches my mum and dad arrived and they brought me candy and chocolate! I gave some as well to my friends and they were really happy.” (Ruby)

“For breakfast I had some cornflakes and sausages before having some magnificent lessons. I learnt about cars with Oliver and Mark. After that I presented to the rest of the group what I had learnt!” (Martin)

“Today we had a fun class. Firstly, we gathered the ingredients to a potion and then made it! We got to see ‘Witches’ as well where we saw how the potions worked. In the afternoon I played in the world cup and I scored a goal.” (Justin)

This morning I had some more lessons with Natasha who I really like. Then we played football, I was really tired by the end. For dinner we had a really great BBQ, there was so much to eat!” (Lola)


In the afternoon the main event arrived, the kids had got to watch a thrilling world cup in Russia and now it was their turn to re-enact the drama. Kicking off with the group stages immediately we saw some skilled football but, importantly, no matter the level, everyone got involved and really tried their best. The final ended in another tight match with ‘The Summer Academy’ eventually coming out on top. Another great part about the event was that the kids were given the chance to create their own team name and kit which enabled the kids that were adept at art to really shine and gain points based on how impressive they were. In the evening we got to cap off a fine day with a delicious barbecue prepared by our chef team, hopefully the first of many!


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