Movie Making

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July 20, 2018 by thesummeracademy

Today our students became film producers, script writers and movie stars! Reported by Marc, Nancy, Hinston, Time, Terry, Harris, Christine, Annabel, James

We were all were really excited about the upcoming day as we were going to star in our own film! Lessons first however and these were lots of fun. Amongst other things we delved into spells and Harry Potter. 

“My favourite thing about today was when we all made a movie about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, I got to make and then eat chocolate as well! Also, I was taught how spells work in my morning lesson.” (Hinston)

“This morning we learnt about Macbeth poems which was something new for me, we also watched some ‘Harry Potter’. After l called my mum on my iPad and it was really nice to speak to her.” (Terry)

“Outside the academy today there were lots of bees and I wanted to talk to them, but I felt a bit silly because when I tried, they moved to different flowers! We also did an experiment about eggs, you needed to wrap things around the egg to protect it as it fell. Cyrus, Nancy and I won the experiment as our egg didn’t break!” (Marc)

“Today I learnt how to write poetry, my teacher taught me about Macbeth. I also enjoyed performing in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ where I got to eat lots of chocolate!” (Annabel)

“In class today, we did a really interesting experiment where we tried to stop an egg breaking when it was dropped out of a window. I was really happy when ours didn’t fail as when egg got everywhere it was really disgusting!” (Nancy)

“It was my fourth day of school today and I got to be in a movie that was about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. I also learnt about Britain and England in my lessons as we did some geography with our teacher.” (Time)

“In today’s lesson, I learnt how to make something to protect an egg from breaking, but my creation didn’t succeed. I then drew another idea and I even though I was worried it wouldn’t work it did! In the film later on, my role was being a kid who loves to do gymnastics and I got to eat loads of sweets.” (Christine)


In the morning I had to drop an egg out of the window but stop it from breaking. When I came to drop mine, by mistake, I dropped it onto the ledge and it broke immediately! It was really funny! Later on, we went to the playground and me and my friends used lots of logs to make a fort.” (Harris)

After lunch the main event arrived as we were introduced to the film company who were going to be producing the film. When they revealed that the film would be ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ everyone was ecstatic as it was a favourite of many. On top of this we were going to be able to consume as much chocolate as we could possibly eat which definitely helped the mood! A few hours later and the filming was finished, the premiere coming sometime soon, something everyone is excited about. Tired from the day’s exertions it only required an hour of exercise in the playground before most us were ready for bed, looking forward to the next day already.

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