Eton and Horseshoe Lake

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July 19, 2018 by thesummeracademy

Our first daytrip as reported by Katie, Charles, Elena, Brandon, Joshua, Martina, Juliette, Shekston and Vladimir


After an early wake up, everyone rushed to breakfast to energise themselves for the massive day ahead of them. Everything had been planned to maximise fun! It started off with a trip to visit Eton College and then Windsor where the much anticipated shopping happened. Afterwards, there was another trip to Horseshoe Lake for water sports. Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Katie: “Today we went to Eton, Windsor and the Horseshoe Lake. My favourite part of the day was shopping and paddle boarding, I went shopping in my group and we went to the milkshake shop which was so yummy! I loved the paddle boarding because I was able to jump into the lake off my board and splash my friends! It was really fun!”

Charles: “I liked today when we went shopping. My favourite part of shopping was when we went to a book shop called Waterstones where I got to read a lot of interesting things! I liked when we went to the lake with a funny name. The best part of that was the kayaking.”

Elena: “Today we went to Eton to shop and saw the changing of the guards. After shopping we went to the Horseshoe lake, built shafts, won a race, and kayaked. I bought an Ice Pop there as well and saw some geese! I really like going to the ‘Shakeaway’ near Windsor castle. I went with my favourite flavour, Fanta!”

Brandon: “Today, I went to Eton, and to Horseshoe Lake. When we went there all the buildings were so big and there were so many shops. I bought a notebook and three pencils. After that, in Horseshoe Lake we had a lot of fun and saw a lot of dogs and ducks. I really enjoyed today’s excursion, I hope we can do it again!”

Joshua: “I liked going to the lake and paddle boarding. I also really enjoyed going to Eton and Windsor where we saw a big parade. I bought a dinosaur in an egg where I was supposed to put in water but it cracked. Kayaking was very fun.”

Martina: “We went Kayaking and really enjoyed that a lot. We also rode on the paddle boards in the lake. I also went shopping in Windsor with my group. My Dad and Lola’s Mum came to visit us before dinner which was so nice.”

Juliette: “In the morning we went to the shops to buy things like slime and chocolate! After, we went to the lake to have fun and swim.”

Shekston: “I went Windsor to go shopping where I got a chocolate milkshake. We then got onto the bus where I played on my iPad. We then got to the lake where we raced each other in rafts which we built with wood.”

Vladimir: “Today I woke up and played with my friends. Then we got onto a bus and went shopping where I bought 3 notebooks for my sister and my girlfriend. Then I went to swim in the lake, I was afraid but I went in the water and swam with big and small dogs.”

After spending both time and money in Eton and Windsor, the students were able to show great leadership and team work skills building rafts and racing eachother on the lake. This certainly brought out their competitive sides and enthusiasm to succeed in their tasks. The action-packed day resulted in a quiet evening where the kids were able to relax and watch a film in the cinema room.

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