Smoke Cannon and Slime

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July 18, 2018 by thesummeracademy

A day of scientific discovery at The Summer Academy as told by our student reporters: Freddie, Jay, Vedant, Rinn, Julia, Ashlin, Luca, Cici & Iona


Waking up in the morning everyone was tired after their busy previous day but were still raring to go. There was some great progress made in the classes with work continuing on the hot air balloons and the first flights being attempted. Sadly, there wasn’t much success in this engineering endeavour! We also tried handball which was a new sport for many.  

“Today we made mini hot air balloons in the early morning lessons but sadly my one didn’t take off as it was too heavy! In the afternoon we played some handball and had a great science show where we made slime, it was really gooey!” (Freddie)

“I really loved today because I got to play with my friends in the afternoon. Two dogs came over to us and they were really friendly. After that we had some tasty burgers and played some dodgeball.” (Jay)


“This morning we tried to fly our hot air balloons that we made yesterday but ours didn’t do very well. Sometime later we went had a talk from a science teacher and he showed us some crazy experiments with electricity.” (Vedant)

“Today we played a lot of different sports which were really fun. I tried handball for the first time and helped score a good goal.” (Rinn)


“In the morning I had a lesson with Natasha who is really nice and we made a book. After that we had a science demonstration with ‘Professor Dynamite’ who showed us lots of interesting experiments. Afterwards we played some dodgeball and my team won.” (Julia)

“I had a lot of fun today especially in handball even though my team lost by one goal. In the afternoon we made some slime which I had never done before, we get to see them for the first time tonight so I hope mine is good!” (Ashlin)


“This morning we had a really exciting handball game, my team was losing 6 – 10 but we came back, scoring a last-minute goal to win 14 – 13! After that we had some dinner and then played dodgeball.” (Luca)

“Today I studies magic in the morning, particularly about witches and wizards. We also played handball which was really fun. In the evening I made some slime with Lola which I enjoyed.” (Cici)

“My favourite thing about today was the amazing food! We had a chicken curry for lunch and a burger for dinner, it was really tasty! I also played handball for the first time and it was great because my team won.” (Iona)


It was wonderful to see everyone participate in handball with such enthusiasm even when a lot were not very sure to begin with. Like yesterday, the matches were incredibly close but probably the highlight came in a thrilling match which included a last-minute winner after a comeback from 6 – 10 down! We also got to experience a fantastic science demonstration which included crazy experiments, noises and tastes. We learnt how air moves using a smoke cannon and smoke bubbles, and we created a typhoon in a bottle. The day culminated in more fun and games when we were able to get a rematch in the dodgeball, resulting in another tight game.








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