First Day

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July 17, 2018 by thesummeracademy

The first day at The Summer Academy by our student reporters: Lola, Martina, Justin, Cyrus, Martin, Rai, Daniel, Aden, Oliver & Ruby

The first morning of The Summer Academy and all of the different classes were very excited about their first lessons. Magic was the theme in one class, with Harry Potter the star of the show. ‘Mad Inventors’ took place in another class – were there any mad scientists at The Summer Academy? We designed hot air balloons which are to be tested over the next few days. Everyone seemed to enjoy their first morning in class. Here are some of the highlights:


“This morning, I had a lot of fun with my teacher and my classmates. We did Harry Potter spells, wands etc. We even went in the woods and found a twig as a wand, it was actually like some parts of Harry Potter!” (Justin)

“In the morning we had lots of fun in science. Oliver and I made a future machine which had to work without using oil. Finally, we made hot air balloons with straws tape and candles… we will wait until tomorrow to see if it flies.” (Rai)

“I had lots of fun with my teacher, Natasha, we learnt lots about music and instruments. We learnt about bagpipes, bassoon, clarinet, double bass, drums, flute. One day I would like to learn the harp.” (Lola & Martina)


“This morning we learnt about Harry Potter and the magic wand. Our teacher, Danielle, who is a bit of a magician took us into the woods and found us all a magic wand. After, we created a spell and it was very enjoyable.” (Daniel & Martin)

“This morning we had a great lesson with Tim. We designed a transportation device, sort of sci-fi but much more academic. We had to explain its logic to the class and make it seem as real as possible. We had a great morning and I wish I could come back next year!” (Oliver)


“This morning, in ‘Mad Inventors’, we designed a tank called “Idominator”, then we built a small hot air balloon which takes off tomorrow.” (Cyrus & Aden)


After lunch we were able to get outside to enjoy the ever-present sunshine. Beginning with a football tournament it was great to discover that even the kids that were brand new to football as a sport really got involved and uncovered some hidden skills! The final resulted in a very close game that needed penalties to find a winner and great credit has to go to all the teams involved. From there, we headed off to the sports centre for some dodgeball where everyone displayed their competitive side! In the evening we rounded off day one with some games such as 40/40, hide and seek and British bulldog.


Our menu for week 1:


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