Public Speaking Day

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July 29, 2017 by thesummeracademy

Our final day at The Summer Academy 2017!

Leadership and Enterprise 

Reporters: Badr, Georgio, Dimitris, Fatima, Loly, Aiden, Ashley, Mansur

Guest editor: Jonas

Today was public speaking day. In the morning we finalised our pitches to Nick Hewer, the Countdown host and the former Apprentice Co- Host, which were about our businesses. Afterwards, Nick Hewer gave us a lesson on pitching. He taught us the three most important facts about an interview: reliability, likability and ability.  We also had a Q&A. After our break we were greeted by Nigel Ramage, who is an expert on public speaking. He gave us a lesson on public speaking techniques such as projecting your voice and not to fidget. We presented our pitches to Nigel Ramage and Nick Hewer and they judged us on our pitches for marketing, visual, viability, presenting and the idea as a whole.

Afterwards we went up to our housing spaces and packed our suitcases, and then we went and took a photo with a drone. Taking a picture of all of the people spelling out the words “The Summer Academy” it took great persistence to get everyone to spell out their letters correctly but in the end, the photo came out perfectly.

After that we went to the classroom blocks and wrote a review on how we felt about the Summer Academy, the questions we had to answer were “What did you like here , “What would you improve on for next year” , “How would you describe the Sumer Academy to a friend of yours”.

After today’s blogging we will be going to a disco which will be LIT!

Codebreakers Performances

 Reporters: Anna, Maya, Finn and Teresa

Today we showed our performances that we had rehearsed in the morning. In our groups we had two policemen, two detectives, a murdered person and an owner of the house the performance was set in. The team had to solve the problem of a house with weird noises and strange occurrences. Then, there were codes to crack in order to get through the doors throughout the house. Through the final door we found a dead body! The team then went on to find and arrest the assassin using various clues about the appearance of the assassin.



English Language Performance

Reporter: Elsa (who played the bad man Noah and won the public speaking award for her amazing performance)

Our story: Once upon a time there were two scientists, one was called Jessica and the other called Emily, and one evil man named Noah. He stole lots of money and killed many people but always got away with it as no one stopped him. The police had caught him many times but he always ran away with his magic knife. In the end, someone killed him, but it is unknown who the killer was.


Then it was The Summer Academy disco 2017 – universally declared the best one yet!



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