Summer Sports

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July 28, 2017 by thesummeracademy

Thursday at The Summer Academy as told by our student reporters

Morning Lessons

Leadership and Enterprise by Ingkar

We prepared our presentations for the showing tomorrow. Yesterday we did the research for this, so today we focussed on visual aids such as posters and banners. For example, we drew the logo for our business. We also explained how we will make a profit from our business idea and we portrayed the main idea and structure of it.

Codebreakers by Darsh, Neel and Sol

Today we did a variety of fun games that all involved teamwork in some way. For example, we played a game where a person is wrapped in different coloured paper like a mummy. The aim on the game was to not rip the paper. The next game involved wrapping an egg in paper and rubber bands to stop it from cracking when it is dropped. We also went over things we had previously learnt to refresh our memories. Then we learnt about morse code and how to translate it. We particularly enjoyed the egg drop because it was a more creative activity. 

English Language by Jessica

Our topic today was English sports.

Activity Carousel 


Reporters: Luca, Noah, Jasmine, Freddie, Martino, Kaisar, Darsh, Kevan, Neel, Abdulla

This afternoon we had a number of activities going on: Frisbee golf, dodge ball, pavement drawing, table tennis, indoor hockey and capture the flag. We were all split up into 5 different groups depending on the activity that we wanted to do. The most popular games were indoor hockey and dodge ball, both of these different sports where very competitive and everyone got stuck in. However there were other people doing different things for example Jasmine was doing pavement drawing and also excelled at table tennis.

After we had done the first set of activities we had a break, ate some cake and had a drink. Then Jim explained to all of us the game of capture the flag. This was an invasion game with various different rules and regulations. We were split into two different teams and we were playing this game for an hour, this was extremely tiring because the pitch was very large and it involved lots of running around. The team captained by Saghi was victorious! After this we had social time and then had a lovely supper of pasta Bolognese and garlic dough balls. We are all looking forward to the disco tomorrow night and seeing our parents on Saturday.


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