Horseshoe Lake

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July 27, 2017 by thesummeracademy

A day of art, creativity and water sports as we headed out on another excursion. Read more from our student reporters.

Reporters: Helena, Jonas, Fern, Nicholas, Katie, Carlotta, Oliver, Mahika, Emily

Today we had an excursion day and in the morning we went to beautiful Southhill Park which is an arts and theatre centre. We got ourselves set up in a room upstairs and a lady called Kate and her daughter Josie started teaching us how to make puppets. Our task was to make a foam puppet duck. Of course not all the ducks were perfect but that didn’t matter.

We then went to Horseshoe Lake where we had a picnic lunch and some people were scared of the wasps. After we had had some lunch most of us got changed into our wetsuits but some decided not to go in the lake. Our first challenge was to create a raft out of different materials. We were set a time limit and only one of the teams was able to create a raft that didn’t sink and cause people to fall into the lake!! However this was a lot of fun anyway.

After this we did some kayaking and paddle boarding, which was fun and also quite tiring. Once we had finished we all got changed and got onto the bus to go back to Sunningdale.

Arjun: We made a puppet and it was interesting as I had never done this before. We then went to the lake and it was cool to build a raft. We didn’t win as our boat broke – so annoying as we couldn’t go anywhere but it was funny at the same time! I enjoyed the surfboard and the kayak and I loved having a day out with my friends.

Owen: I didn’t like to make the duck puppet as I don’t like ducks. I did like watching the kayaking.

Joud: I didn’t swim today or go on the raft as I wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon. However I enjoyed listening to music with the other guys. If I have a chance to raft build again in the future, I’d love to do it.

Roman: Today was fun!


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