Forest School

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July 26, 2017 by thesummeracademy

Clay faces, woodland wanderings and some business minds at work. Tuesday at The Summer Academy by our student reporters.

Forest School

Reporters: Mansur, Juyoung, Fatima, Anna, Ashley and Teresa

This morning, we all ate our breakfast pancakes outside by the campfire to continue our camping experience after a great night in the tents. Firstly, we took down our tents which was very complex as most of us hadn’t done it before. Then we were split into two groups.

One group made clay faces in the trees using natural resources. Meanwhile, the other group made fire in the woods with many successful results. Next we swapped the groups and each did what the other had previously done. Then we had a real trust test wearing blindfolds. The task was to hold on to and follow a rope through the woods blindfolded whilst avoiding obstacles such as trees and roots. At first it was very difficult to trust your touch and co-ordination but then we got used to it and it became much easier. We had a lot of fun being out in the natural environment and learning new skills.

Afternoon Lessons

Aiden: I’m in the leadership and enterprise group – I was in charge of designing the logo for our company. The other people in our group were in charge of marketing and looking at comparisons and other companies that have already started like ours. Our company is mostly about helping graduates get jobs more easily by being trained and interviewed via skype. When they come across a job that they can’t do as they need a degree/qualification, we can also train them.

Giorgio: Today we had to think of a business, there were 6 in our group. Our business idea was an app that has a calendar where you can organise your day, whether you are an adult or student. You can also message on the app.


Badr: Today we were in charge of creating a business in preparation of Friday where we have to present to Nick Hewer. I was part of a group of 5 and was in charge of designing and writing the front page of our app. Our business is aimed at graduates who are looking for jobs – all interviews are done through the app.


Finn: I am in the Codebreakers class. Today we learnt how to make a crime scene. Our crime scene was about people stealing money and it was set in Rome.

Loly: I am part of the leadership and enterprise group. Our business was about drive thru supermarkets to make it easier and faster for people to get their shopping done.

Dimitris: I am part of the leadership and enterprise group and I learnt how to advertise a business. 


Elsa: I am in the English language class. Today we went to the art room and I painted mushrooms, candy and chocolate.


Maya: Today in my class I did code breaking. In our teams we had to do a group project which involved forming a plan on how to rescue a hostage. We had to plan our escape route, a back-up plan and where our people would be positioned in case we needed to do a quick getaway. In fact, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It took a long time to plan the original plan and then the back up. We also had to think about all the possible bad things that could go wrong. We had a hard time but we managed to present it just in time!



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