A night around the campfire

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July 25, 2017 by thesummeracademy

A day and night spent outside enjoying the great outdoors.

Morning Lessons

Leadership & Enterprise by Jasmine and Ingkar

Each team was allocated their own businessman such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to discuss and debate their positives and negatives. At last one of the businessmen (Elon Musk) won the debate out of the whole class. We also played games to improve our adjective vocabulary. We then watched a short clip on Martin Luther King junior making a speech on I have a dream and then we reflected on his speech techniques such as repetition. We particularly enjoyed this part. 

Codebreakers by Neel, Sol and Darsh

Firstly, we watched a trailer on MI2, the main actor was Tom Cruise. We then did a presentation based on our own spy missions. Vicky gave us one piece of paper for the mission and another for the personal information of the spy. Next we made a poster made out of letters from a newspaper in a collage style. The class was extremely fun because we were able to work as a team and it was also fun to make up a spy’s mission.

English Language by Jessica

The project today was food.

Forest School

Reporters: Freddie, Noah, Kevan, Luca, Martino, Abdullah, Bingxin

This evening we had forest school where we built camp and then played kick the can.

We got split into groups where one half  went to make wood cookies with Susanna and Tom (two of the instructors) whilst the other group learnt how to build fires from wood, flint and steel. We realised that it was much harder than we thought to make a fire – “it took me about a hundred or more tries to actually set flame” (Noah).  We also got taught about the dangers of making fire.

Luca’s favourite part of the day was tent building and Kevan’s favourite part of the day was making fires. Abdulla also enjoyed building the tents – although challenging at first, it was very rewarding when the tent was finally up!

We’re all extremely excited to camp together tonight – looking forward to the marshmallows especially!! 


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