Escape Room Challenge

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July 22, 2017 by thesummeracademy

It was a day of problem solving, puzzles and some great teamwork at The Summer Academy.


Reporters: Emily, Roman, Helena, Harry, Joud, Jonas, Fern, Nicholas, Katie, Carlotta, Oliver

Today Steven came to the Summer Academy and he set up a lot of puzzles and an escape room for us to solve. First of all he showed us a trick with handcuffs and explained to us how to escape from a set of handcuffs that were tied together. It took us a while to figure out how to do it but in the end we all managed to escape. After this we were split up into teams of six and there were a number of activities set up for us, unlike the puzzles this was more physical based.

Harry thought that the human crane was the hardest activity as it was based on communication, hand eye co-ordination, Nicholas thought that in the box, some of the codes were hard because we were really confused and using the wrong clues and evidence. Eventually though we got close to finishing and all the teams were almost done. Once we had completed the box we had to open a box with a timer in it in order to escape in time. In the end all of the teams managed to complete the task.

We are all looking forward to this weekend where we have lots of fun activities planned!!!!!



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