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July 21, 2017 by thesummeracademy

Thursday at The Summer Academy by our student reporters


Leadership & Enterprise

Aiden: In the morning we went to for a business trip about business and enterprise.

Giorgio: It was really interesting to learn about business and entrepreneurs. It has really motivated me to want to become a businessman! I enjoyed playing golf with everyone.

Dimitris: In the morning we went to the golf breaks and they told us all about marketing and what is needed to run a successful business – it was interesting.

Ashley: At golf breaks my favourite part of the day was playing golf with everyone – it was really fun.

Loly: In the morning we went to golf breaks, we learned about business. Then we did t-shirt making. I’m glad we were able to wear the t-shirts after having designed them!


Maya + Finn: We learned about coding in the lesson today and printed our fingerprints on paper. We had to stamp it in an inkpad and then press it on a post-it for practice, then another one for the real fingerprint and then give it to the teacher.  We also collected each other’s fingerprints and learned about cyperphology.




Elsa: I was in Natasha’s class, her class was very fun. We learned about England and got treated to watermelon, banana and peach! For lunch we had yummy chicken which had bacon on it, vegetables on the side. We also had meringue with strawberries and raspberries for dessert – I even had seconds because it was delicious.  I also played tennis today with Emily and Jessica and then we designed t-shirts in the afternoon and we were all wearing them during our evening activities.


Afternoon Activities 

Reporters: Anna, Fatima, Badr, Mansur, Juyoung, Teresa

After lunch, we decorated plain white t-shirts, first we planned our designs to be approved by Tom. Then we split into two different groups, one to use fabric pens to decorate their shirts, and the other to use paints. Some of us, for example, wrote our names and got our classmates’ signatures to form our patterns or we drew faces and animals from the Longleat trip. Most people related their designs to the Summer Academy and Sunningdale in general. We also made keyrings with similar amazing designs but on a smaller scale.


Next, some of us played traditional English football which was extremely competitive and exciting. Meanwhile, others played tennis with Saghi then had fun playing games such as ‘The floor is lava’ with Tara and Giulia in the playground. We especially loved playing with little Otto and Sylvia. 




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