Longleat Safari Park

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July 20, 2017 by thesummeracademy

A day out to see a stately home with a difference. Read the scoop from our student reporters.

Today we travelled to Longleat House in Somerset. Here, amongst beautiful English countryside and gardens roam wild animals including giraffes and lions. Our younger students had a tour of the house including some rooms not usually open to the public. Meanwhile, our Leadership and Enterprise crew attended a workshop on the business of running a safari park. We then set to exploring the grounds….


The business class

Arjun: I liked the business talk. My mum says I have a business mind and I should use it for stuff, so was nice to learn some more business strategy.  When I do business in future time, I can use that and earn money.

Boris: The talk was interesting because I took new info about business, how to make money and how to build something for a long time.

Nicholas: Business and enterprise is very intriguing. What I found most interesting was how the man in the big, old house mansion worked and successfully became a very successful business man building a zoo.

Jonas: I found the talk intriguing as I am interested in the world of leadership and enterprise. It’s interesting to see how its grown over the years and how the chain of command goes.

Longleat House

Maya: The house tour was interesting but also really scary because of the ghost woman that was upstairs! The stairs are really narrow and spooky and the ghost is called Louisa. I really enjoyed it!

Oliver: Longleat House is really amazing. I really can’t believe it was 40 generations old and I found it very cool to be there and see these people.

The biggest hedge maze in Europe

Harry: I have never been in a maze before and couldn’t tell what was happening. I couldn’t jump to see and didn’t know if we were in the circle or not.

Emily: The maze was challenging, very hard.

Jonas: Freddie, Aiden and I helped each other climb over so we could see over the maze. We enjoyed it a lot as I have never done a maze like this before.

Boris: I enjoyed getting to the tower first. Random children helped us and we helped others. 

Oliver: Our group took only 5 mins! It was fun because it was surprising how easy it was whilst we were looking at other people struggle to see the tower!

Arjun: The maze was fun, and exciting because it was a challenge to find the tower and fun looking at the patterns that we saw from the tower. It was also fun seeing the other people struggle to get there.

Roman: The maze was fun!




The Safari

Reporters: Helena, Mahika, Fern, Carlotta, Joud, Katie

After lunch we went on the safari, we saw many exotic animals such as the endangered white rhinos, the majestic tigers, the sleepy lions and more. Our favourite animals were the wonderful wolves because they showed us how they lived in their natural habitat. After the safari we went on the boat and saw a 56-year-old gorilla (on his own island) and the sea lions. For a gorilla 56 is very old compared to humans.  It was therefore exciting to see him. We fed the sea lions, which was fun because we had never done that before. The sea lion was 8ft long which was taller then some of us. Finally we visited a sweet shop and bought a lot of sweets including millions of millions.





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