An egg-cellent day!

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July 19, 2017 by thesummeracademy

Day 2 at The Summer Academy by our student reporters:

We started the day with our morning lessons led by Vicky, Will, Tim and Natasha


Sol (English Language):

We learnt about many British Queens and the two World Wars – this was my favourite part. After this Natasha taught us how the English language was created.

Neel and Darsh (Code Breakers):  

Firstly we learnt how to transport valuables such as money across a city whilst being a spy. Then, we learnt that the author of James Bond’s nephew attended Sunningdale and created the names for the baddies from people who bullied him. We especially enjoyed learning about being a spy.

Wes, Jasmine, Noah and Martino (Leadership and Enterprise):

Tim showed us a film about Steve Jobs’ speech at the Stanford Commencement. Then we were randomly put into pairs and asked to create our own products such as the Soviet Blaster which was a water bottle design. We liked creating our own names for our different products.


Bingxin, Natalie, Abdulla, Freddie, Kaisar:

This afternoon we had a lot of fun, first of all we were given a challenge. We were split into teams of 6-7 people and the objective was to stop an egg from breaking when it was dropped from the third floor window. We were given a set of materials including: bubble wrap, cardboard, foam, pink paper, napkins, straws and some tape and not forgetting the important egg. All the teams came up with different ideas, for example Abdulla’s team created a McDonalds shaped cover for the egg and Natalie’s team made a birds nest to protect the egg. The most successful team though was Harry’s team who created a spider shaped cover for the egg.

After we had had some biscuits and drinks and flapjacks, we then in our same teams went on a scavenger hunt. There were lots of photos of objects around the school that we then had to go and find. This was quite difficult as a lot of the photos where in difficult places. In the end the scores were very close apart from the gappers who were useless and only 4 out of 36. Although the scores were close Freddie’s team won.



We had a great day and we are all looking forward to going to Longleat Safari Park tomorrow!!!!



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