007 comes to The Summer Academy

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July 18, 2017 by thesummeracademy

Monday at The Summer Academy by our student reporters

First Day at The Summer Academy



It has been a busy first day. The kids were divided into their classes for their first morning of lessons. We have the Codebreakers, the English class and our Leadership & Enterprise crew. Everyone is getting to know each other and settling in. Some thoughts from our student reporters on their first day here: 


When I arrived I was anxious and tenacious about how the school would be. It turned out to be exciting and I love my new teachers! Ade is great because he can defend people and Tom, who is in charge of sports, is fun!

Likes – Artwork that is all over the place 



Favourite moment – hanging out with Saghi in the morning, she is very kind.

Friends – my rooms mates are fun and I like the boys too.

Food – I like the breakfast and the garlic bread!



I like my room because you can sleep with your friends. Luca is my favourite person because he enjoyed waking up early with his friend to play! I like the lasagne and playing dodgeball too.


It is really nice here and I enjoy the school. I like the shelves in my room. My teacher is smart. Breakfast is ideal! My favourite moment was playing British Bulldog and I like Boris because he’s fun and a pro footballer.


I have made friends from all over the world, new cultures. I have had fun socialising with everyone – the first day has been nice. The lasagne has been my favourite food!


I like the dorms because no one is annoying – you have your own space in the room. My favourite moment has been movie making. Everyone enjoyed getting attacked in the James Bond movie #killed #blood #fake.


I like the spring mattress in my room, it helps me sleep well. I like Tom, the activity leader, because he is Tom. Movie making was my favourite thing today and I like Ashley – we talk a lot.


Birthday boy Nicholas!

Movie Making

The movie-producing masters, Sharkey & George, came to lead our students in a film workshop. They set to making their own take on James Bond. We can’t wait to see the finished result next week! Here are some favourite moments from our student reporters:


Aiden Character: Henchman of the main villain

My favourite part of the movie making was dying at the end when I was got by Jane and James Bond.

Ashley Character: a villain

My favourite part of the movie was also dying – the explosion felt so real!

Layal Character: reporter

My favourite part of the movie was and being around others.

Giorgio Character: A member of parliament, the police chief, a scientist and a bad guy

My favourite part of the movie was when I was testing the laser guns as a scientist.


Anna Character: Jane Bond

My favourite part of the movie was the explosion and I fell from the hill!

Dimitris Character: a bad guy

My favourite part of the movie was when the last baddy died.

Maya Character: Jane 3

My favourite part of the movie was when I killed all the bad guys while saving the Prime

Minister. I’m a hero – so someone says 🙂 !

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

The movie reporting team

Follow live tweet updates here


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