Public Speaking Day


July 30, 2016 by thesummeracademy

Day 12 at The Summer Academy by our student reporters

Public Speaking

Reporters: Jake, Mimi, Katie, Jamie, Alistair, Sogo, Luca and Josh

Today was our last day of academic work; we had a different teacher come in for the session today called Nigel. Nigel was very funny and a really good orator. First we he explained to us about basic drama skills and we did a short sketch. Our sketch was about the god Loki coming to Midgard (Earth) and offering a special mask that was supposed to make the wearer beautiful and happy. What it actually did was make people believe that they could fly or become a dog etc.

Then we went off to do our own separate sketches in our classes. Our sketches were Viking news reports. They varied from large sections of news to weather reports and sports commentary. We even got Ryan to dress up as Freya who is the goddess of beauty! Everyone used their creativity and originality to produce their masterpiece. We performed in front of everyone and got a generous amount of applause. In the end Nigel gave us awards that were masks and banana pencil cases.

Thanks to our teachers for teaching us really well and we all enjoyed it.


Reporters: Freddie, Isaac, Allan, Egor, Ryan, Lisa, Tom and Jethro

This afternoon we had our final activities session with John. The first game we got to play was Swiss ball tug of war; it was a bit of a variation on normal tug of war. The aim of the game was to make the Swiss cross over the opponents’ line whilst only using tennis balls to move the ball.  After this game we got to play dodge ball, however this time we got the crash mats out. To quote Ryan “ Dodge ball was really good fun!!!!!” we had some new rules to deal with. Firstly if you got onto the crash mat in the middle you couldn’t be hit, but you could only stay on it for a maximum of five seconds. Unfortunately we were only doing activities for an hour and a half so we didn’t have much time to do any more games. Once we had finished we went inside for cake for tea. Then we went to do our final blogging session, once we finish we will be able to go and get ready for the costume party!!!!!!






One thought on “Public Speaking Day

  1. Winnie says:

    Jethro had a wonderful summer this year and he learnt a lots from teachers and friebds. He misses everyone and everything in Summer Academy. Thanks for all kindness, efforts and love!


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