The Great Water Challenge

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July 29, 2016 by thesummeracademy


Day 11 at The Summer Academy by our student reporters

Academic Workshops

Reporters: Sogo, Cameron, Luca, Jamie, Katie and Alistair

This morning was our last morning of proper lessons.  In our lessons today we learnt about Vikings. To help us learn and remember the information we had been given, we made a poster to persuade people to come and raid with us (the Vikings). This made us think in the same perceptive as a Viking, which was really fun!

2016-07-28 21.11.44

Next, we made a newspaper and we included lots of articles and stories about the Viking Gods. There was a spare space on the newspaper so we had to write about a Viking shop and what you could buy in the shop like weapons that the Vikings might buy. The newspaper took us an hour and 15 minutes, which was so long but enjoyable. After making the newspaper we watched Mr Bean the exam episode- that was really funny! What we learnt today was really helpful and interesting.  


Boat and Aqueduct Making

Reporters: Chloe, Jethro, Alan, Abdulla, Lisa, Ryan and Egor 

We had an art challenge workshop with John. Our challenge was to build a waterproof longboat or aqueduct out of cardboard, bubble wrap, masking tape, straws, paper, spaghetti, and aluminium foil. We started by cutting boxes. Then we wrapped them in aluminium foil. We also used egg cartons to make seats. We used paper and straws to make sails. We all helped each other out. We used to tape to stick everything together and make surfaces flat. At the end we decorated our creations.
When we were finished we poured water on the aqueducts and put the longboats in the sink in the forbidden kitchen to see if they were waterproof. They all succeeded! We all had to work as a team. We all enjoyed it because it was fun 🙂 


Reporters: Tom, Freddie, Fatima, Mimi, Jake, Josh, Isaac

This afternoon was our final afternoon activities with John. We started in the sports hall playing a game where we had to capture the other teams’ balls. Again the theme was focusing on teamwork and communication.

After we played this game we divided into two groups of ten. One played rounders outside with George, Jules and Chloe and the other group played basketball with John inside. Overall we all preferred rounders because basketball was a bit more physical. We all got really into both these games and there was some strong competition.

After we went inside to have our tea we went back down to the sports hall where we had to spell out the phrase “The Summer Academy” using our bodies to make the letters. Again this required lots of teamwork. We collaborated together in order to achieve this. Finally we got to play our favourite game, which is dodge ball. This is our favourite game because we all enjoy throwing balls at each other!

Thanks for reading over and out from Tom, Freddie, Fatima, Mimi, Jake, Josh and Isaac.


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