The Hottest Day of the Year!

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July 19, 2016 by thesummeracademy

Day 2 at The Summer Academy by our student reporters

Morning Workshops

Reporters: Egor, Tom, Jake, Sogo, Abdulla and Jamie

In today’s class we learnt about Julius Caesar and Boudicca, it was really interesting!

In Rhys’ group we made posters on the advantages and disadvantages of invading the UK. It was really fun and we loved how our posters turned out. Afterwards we presented our posters to the class, which was nerve wracking at first, but everyone in the class applauded us so we felt happy and next time will be less nervous presenting our work.

In Vicky’s group we did a quiz on Boudicca in pairs and Sogo scored the highest in quiz scoring 17/20! Next, we did a timeline of Boudicca, which was a cut and paste activity, which was an enjoyable way of learning.

In Lucy’s group we played bingo. The questions were on Julius Caesar and Boudicca and then we had to tick off the answers on our bingo sheet. Jamie and Abdulla came second place in bingo, and got chocolate as a prize! Also we studied the death of Julius Caesar by reading Horrible Histories. Overall, we have learnt a lot today and it was mostly interesting to learn.

dining room smilesIMG_4645

Fun in the Sun

Reporters: Chloe, Lisa, Cameron, Jethro, Josh and Alistair

After lunch we had our first set of afternoon activities with Mr. Nutter. We started off with a team building game where all of us were inside a hoop and we had to go and fetch cones. The game was quite difficult until we all started to work as a team. After this we continued to play games that focused on working together as a team.

We had a break because the weather was extremely hot, we then moved into the sports to play some ball games such as Swiss tug of war and a strategy based ball game. The idea was to collect more balls than the other team whilst trying to not let them catch our balls. We then moved outside again to play a modified game of rounders with a football, however we soon became very hot so we had to move inside again! Fortunately this meant that we got to play dodge ball and everyone had a fantastic time.





Reporters: Mimi, Ryan, Luca, Isaac, Alan and Fatema

Today we had four hours of sport and teamwork activities with John and the activity leaders which was really fun. The games helped us improve our teamwork. We played games such as dodgeball, rounders with kicking, and tic-tac-toe where we were split into teams. We also played teamwork games with cones and hula hoops. It was very fun and the weather was nice but very hot and sweaty so when we were finished Jim brought out a slip and slide. It was awesome and a good way to cool down. Today has been really fun!!!


Today’s photos by Fatema


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