Movie Making and Magic


July 21, 2015 by thesummeracademy

Day 1 at The Summer Academy by our student reporters


Hello! We have done many things in day 1. We are having fun at The Summer Academy. When we arrived it was very sunny which made it more exciting to arrive. We met everyone and got making friends quickly and then we went on a tour around the school. On the tour we saw lots of the amazing facilities and beautiful grounds. We’ve already played tons of tennis, football and table tennis in our free times.


IMG_2878 IMG_2836


We’re enjoying being surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife compared to being in the city with lots of buildings. It’s so green! We are also surrounded by lots of animals like dogs, bunnies, pigs and squirrels, which is so cool.

Since some of us are from different countries the sun goes down at different times. Here at Sunningdale we can play outside for longer because the sun goes down later. No wonder Sunningdale is named SUNningdale!

We have eaten lots of yummy food! Everybody has enjoyed all meals, especially the chicken fajitas we had for lunch today. It is fun to sit with our new friends at meal times chatting. Thank you so much to Darren, our wonderful chef!

That’s it for today – we cannot wait for the rest of the two weeks.

Reporters: Zsofia, Austen, Hiro, Tony, Joey, Emma, Rachel, Janie, Andre


Monsters R Us

Today was my first English class. My lesson was with a teacher called Lucy who is a tutor and she used to be a journalist. The teachers are kind and caring because they always look out for us and ask us questions. The classes were separated by age and my group was called the Dragons. In our lesson we did a fun Harry Potter quiz. It was really fun but we didn’t finish in time, even though we were writing at quite a fast pace. Our lessons were 1 1/2 hours long and in between we had breaks with tasty snacks!

Insights from the reporters: Josh, Sophie, Jazzy, Caton, Kazuki, Zack, Aidan, Mark, Amelia



In the afternoon a team of movie producers and cameramen ran the movie making workshop. Our students set to in their roles as actors and script writers as a secret spell caused havoc at Sunningdale! Hiro designed a fabulous shield for the movie poster. The footage has gone off for editing and we can’t wait to see the finished result.

 IMG_2875IMG_2872 IMG_2865 IMG_2857


Comments from our reporters: 

Daman explained that it was fun was that they all had the opportunity to be the duplicate of themselves.

What Christy liked the most was that throughout the movie making process, we all had scenes shot from different angles.

Jasmine enjoyed using her tennis racket and making an explosion with it because of Josh‘s evil twin’s tricks.

Pun thought the best thing was that the students were all able to improvise and Georgie added that their creative thinking was a real positive.

Rakan‘s favourite part was having the opportunity to dress up as teachers using wizard costumes like in Harry Potter. Also, Caspar liked his character’s role because of the authority he had.

Dumebi said that it was enjoyable to have dialogue in the scenes, and Hana thought that overall the storyline was very engaging.

We had a lot of fun working with the movie makers, and thought they were very kind and enthusiastic!


One thought on “Movie Making and Magic

  1. Lynn Petty says:

    What a fantastic movie1 Caspar I had no idea you could be such a stern teacher. I hope you all had lots of fun 🙂


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